What is going on with Basketball officiating lately? The end of the Duke-Clemson game was atrocious! The referees completely missed the fact that the clock was not running while Clemson made a hoop, stole an errant Duke inbounds pass and made another a three to go up by one (I think). The clock ran but stopped at 1.6 or something like that and THEN the refs decide to give Duke 3 additional seconds. Wham! They inbound to guard who flings it down the court to David.....who? David what? Oh, that's right, David McCLURE. Anyway, McClure's dunk won the game for Duke with no time remaining and they stormed the court and had a pile-on. But really, Clemson should have ended the game right around their last shot to win it for the big upset.

The reason why I bring this up is that I just finished watching the Nuggets-Jazz game at Utah. The Nuggets were really taking it to them, Carmelo wound up with 37 and Iverson 33 or so and the referees either ignored, missed or were completely and thoroughly threatened or bought off. I was so outraged at the calls in the 4th quarter that allowed the Jazz to get back in it. That fucking Boozer was THROWING EVERYONE DOWN and the refs were calling fouls on the Nuggets. The replays are totally contradictory to the calls. The commentators were astounded, the fucking Mormons resounded and I sat confounded. The Jazz are the team we are trying to catch and to have it just undeniably stolen away from us by the fucking worst calls. That whole referee squad should be axed. NBA refs make 150,000 a year. I think I might want to be an official like Faker's dad. It is fun.

But godamn it, I hate losing on shit like that. The NBA is so weird, the officiating is WAY inconsistent, and I think that comes from Stern himself. Don Corleone is so interested in his global hype machine. It's working though, basketball is a big deal almost all over. It is huge in Europe and Asia. I have to admit, I do love the NBA though. I know that there is a lot wrong with it, but it is getting cool with the foreign influence. The Spurs are awesome to watch, when they ain't playing your team. The Suns are incredible. And the Mavericks just morph into whatever the opponent's greatest weakness is. The Mavs play slow, they play fast, they can run up the score with anyone, they can play a low scoring defensive game. They have key components at all of the positions.
The Nuggets can just go off. If we could have gotten a fair deal tonight it would've been 6 victories in a row. We went 7-8 in Melo's suspension, which is better than I thought we would be. And now the firepower is tantalizing, Melo and AI went off for 70 points tonight. No one should be able to over come that. Problem was that the bench decided to take the night off. The Nets come to town tomorrow night. I am going. I probably see 10-15 Nuggets games a year, I love it. I could walk to the stadium in 25 minutes, ride my bike there in 10. The Rockies are even closer to me, 10 minutes on foot, like 12 blocks, not even a mile. The Broncos stadium is a 40 minute walk and about 20 on bike. This is from my FRONT DOOR, gentlemen. 300+ days of sunshine a year. 13 inches of rain a year. This is my definition of quality of life. Fucking Colorado is a powerful mistress.


Unruly Jets Fan said...

That Clemson/Duke call was horrendous. Things like that make me so mad.

As for you gauging everything in walking and riding a bike time, it begs the questions...dont you have a car? Do they drive in CO? How did you end up on CO in the first place? You are a NJ guy. That is how we know you. You can pretend to be this granola eating tree hugger but we know the truth. Nice blog!

The Overfloater said...

That is a good question. The only answer is that I had the opportunity and didn't think I would forgive myself if I didn't try it. I was 23 and Colorado was opposite of NJ. 8 years later, here I still am.

Of course I have a car, but imagine you could bike to a Jets game and leave the traffic for the suckers. You are damn right I'm a tree hugger. I prefer trees and animals to people.

We need some basketball blogs, Unruly. You like basketball.

I hear McCairens is a free agent. I would think he is expendable to you guys now that Cotchery has really stepped it up.

What do you think about the Jets draft? I think I would go after a marquee D-lineman but also I would maybe go after Troy Smith in the draft, he might still be available, I think he is NFL material. Ohio State is a good prep school for the NFL. Pro system and coaches.

The Overfloater said...

Where the hell is everybody? Mookie, you are WAY overdue for a blog.

Anonymous said...

Dudes -
First of all, I have to admit that being able to walk and/or ride a bike to a stadium is awesome. I would fucking love it! I hate driving to Jets Stadium and Shea Stadium. And of course there is the constant worry of a DWI, etc. I would love to live that close to a stadium. I couldn't even imagine walking to a Jets game with Finn. It would be great. Although, we may be able to ride bikes one day to training camp, so that is cool. Anyway, Figgy's got us beat by a million on that point.

Sunshine 300 days a year and apparently snow the other 65 in a row.

Regardless, how about those NETS!??!!! Mook was over and the first half was awful, but then there fought their way back and when I woke up the next day they came all the way back and beat the Nugs. Ha ha.

The topic of Mook and I's conversation was how gay and lame AI looks in that sissy candy-ass Nugs uniform. Sky blue? Get a real team color!!!! Not for nothing, I know the West has some great teams, but the Nugs should be in first place (Maybe they are, I don't know). They have 2 of the best players in the NBA (not the best, but 2 of the best).

Anyway, Figgy, you should try officiating. If you lived in NJ my dad could be your mentor and eventually you would get to the NBA as a ref and I would be the jealous son because you would have been the son my dad never had, finally one he could be proud of, it would make for a great Lifetime movie. But, alas, you live in Colorado, so it shall never be. Plus, I actually am the son my dad is proud of. My brothers just aren't as great as I am, the successful attorney, blah blah blah. (I'm kidding, my brothers are great guys too, but I am the best son in the lot).

Anyway, I say get rid of McCariens, and draft some defense players who will adapt well into the tough world of the NFL.

Matt and Bill said...
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unruly / mr. awesome said...

Ha ha ha...lots of laughs here at this blog. Hey by the way, I am considering selling some Jets products on this site; mugs, key chains, trailer hitches, etc.

Do you think it will work?

At any rate, I commented over the weekend Fig but it didnt stick. I like your name when it is figgy by the way. At any rate, sometimes (or as benny says, Tumtimes) this fucking blog sucks for me. I dont know what it is but it doesnt work.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what the Jets need, Thomas Jones, the RB for the Bears. Why not? He seems pretty good and the Bears are hung up on Cedric Benson.

Plus, I heard the fat Tuna may be working as a "consultant" for the Jets next year. I'll take that any day of the week!

Go Jets!

Unruly, you need to get collectibles on your ebay site, GI Joes are huge on ebay. I'm so pissed, I don't even know what I did with those things, but I could have made a small fortune selling them on ebay. Of course, the dudes who never opened the boxes are sitting pretty, selling a figure for 1K. I think they are cool toys and I may get some for my kid to play with (the cheaper ones of course). I don't know why they don't make some cool toys anymore.

Don't you ever sell your mug ur!

unruly said...

Dude, speaking of mug...are you going to send me mine? I will refund you the postage you lazy f.

Anonymous said...

Email me your work address Unruly, I asked you on a prior occassion dude. Trust me, I'll get that postage back from you, I'm not worried about that.

the one, the only, the unruly one said...

by the way Figlet, why do you keep opening up different blogs? You have three blogs right now. Whats up with that?

The Overfloater said...

I want to make a blog for political or cultural stuff and a blog for artistic stuff. This is the sports blog. I am just messing around and experimenting,eventually I will like something and get it going. Works in progress.

I need to cover a lot of issues. Figgythemick just wouldn't work for that role.

The Overfloater said...

Fake, what are you talking about? The Nuggets have one of the better uniforms in the NBA. The Nets uniforms made me think that there was something wrong with the color of my TV set. Jason Kidd get slapped around by his 100-pound wife recently? Oh yeah, your governor is gay too.
I was always a Knicks fan. What the hell kind of name is Net anyway. Jersey has the dumbest team name in all sports. It was so dumb, you have to send them to Brooklyn.

Since you watched that game then you can easily see how bad the refereeing is towards Denver. I think that they are making the team pay for Carmelo's dumb mistake. F Vince Carter, biggest faker and pussy in sports today.

Mookie McFly said...

The Faker/Pussy dropped a trey on the Jizz last night inadvertantly helping out you powder puff wearing pussies (although after beating you & Utah, it makes me wonder how good the West really is?). He did you a solid...I'm sure he wouldn't give 100% for you but for us he will...

Anyway, the only reason anyone even knows Colorado exists is because of tragedies like Columbine, Jon Benet Ramsey & Kennedy skiing accidents. Seriously if it wasn't for NJ all you gold brickers out west would have to stop working for the government and get real jobs...and pay real taxes, pay for your insurance and/or get of the dole.

I do however like the NBA and I don't even have any black friends (not that there is anything wrong with that)