Okay, lets settle down. Let's reason here. Vinny is not getting a ring. Not because he doesn't deserve one, but he should've come back to back up Peyton. One word for the valiant New England Patriots: Addai. And another word: Rhodes.

Joe Addai and Dom Rhodes are going to grind it out on that New England front line of Defense. Vince Wilfork and Rich Seymour are studs, but even they will fall victim of fatigue late in the game. The Colts wore out that Ravens D (which is definitely more lethal and younger than the Patriots). At the RCA Dome where Peyton is most comfortable. The book on what the Pats do to the Colts is they get very physical with the receivers and tight ends going out for a pass. The 5-yard no-contact rule was reinforced the last couple years specifically (I believe) after watching the Pats maul Harrison and Co. WAY off the line in the playoffs two or three years ago. This disrupts the critical timing of the WR's running routes, then you get a little pressure on Manning and he is forced to make hasty decisions. Peyton throws to a spot of the field and off of 'feel' for what Marv and Reggie are going to do in their route. When the Colts have to guess, that's when they turn the ball over.

Peyton has to take what the Defense gives him and manage the game! No turnovers! This is not a stat contest vs. Brady, it's a quest for a W. That Colts team on their turf in their dome...I know, I know - I remember Pittsburgh coming in there last year. But last year the Colts were nigh-invincible last year. This year there was a regular season Defense and a Postseason D. I know that the numbers are names on the backs of the jerseys are the same, but this is a different team.

Run the ball, Peyton! Even if they only average three yards a rush, the Colts need to stick to it. Stay in 3rd-and-manageables . Vinatieri will come through with critical points. Rest their D while wearing out the Pats with lengthy second-half drives. It will be a thrilling, close one with at least 5 field goals. Colts 20-19.

The NFC. The Afterthought. Would love to see New Orleans win and I am definitely ready to write Chicago off. Problem is that Chicago isn't. True, the Seahawks had guys come off the street to play in their secondary, but that Bears D did a good job (kinda) on Branch, Hasslebeck and to some extent Shaun Alexander. It really boiled down to that sack by the beleaguered Tank Johnson on Hasslebeck on 4th down on the final drive that won the day.

New Orleans has so many weapons and a QB who has played the poised throughout the season, a sure MVP were it not for LaDanian Tomlinson's record-setting year. Did you see how Reggie Bush woke up after that HUGE hit in the first quarter vs. the Eagles? The Saints are not soft, that's for sure. Deuce and Reggie I believe will prove too much for Urlacher and Briggs (who are best in the business at LB). Expect to see both Bush and McCallister on the field at the same time too. I think Sean Payton will throw everything but the kitchen sink at the Bears D, spread the field and run them ragged.

Still, Grossman really loves to go deep and sling it, the Saints front four needs to get him on the run and gambling. Berrian and Moose are good but I think that Chicago had a lot of guys sprain their ankles and twist their legs weird on that new sod Soldier Field had put in before last week's game vs. the Seahawks. Could be a factor in this game, because I would say that the New Orleans secondary is mediocre. A front four on the D-line makes a lot of secondaries look better than they are (see Cincy Bengals) when they get picks off errant throws.

I think the Saints are playing for more than themselves and football. It's inspired football. Saints 31-20.


The Overfloater said...

sorry for sloppiness. That skyline with fireworks is Indy, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Over, what about our potential bet? Just wondering whether you want a piece of me!

As for your predictions, they sound logical, but you forgot about the fact that Pats have a mojo the Colts don't.

Pats 24 Colts 20

As for the Saints/Bears, I really don't know who will win, but I will say this, if it is 20 degrees out the Bears will win, if it is above 20, the Saints will win. Yes, it's that simple.

I have a non-playoffs blog I want to post but will do so tomorrow, to let this one flesh out.

What the hell is overfloater, by the way?

Beat it.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say....

The Colts beat the Pats? Beggar's belief!!!!!!!!!

Mookie W. O' Maolchathaigh-Fly said...

True dat...I too think the Dolts will win this time around but it will be a close one. Peyton Place definitely has to play better than he has which I think he will...

Your anger clouds you young Jedi...

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An Upper Decker is when you shit in the tank of someone's toilet so everytime the next person flushes it just gets dirtier and dirtier.

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See Tomorrow for more Craptacular facts...for Christmas I got a book simply entitled, The Truth about Poop. It's for ages 7+ so I took it on myself to start reading at a such advanced level. After hanging aroung here so much I actually had to go wake up the dead Mrs.Ryan so I could get some supplementary lessons. Seriously her corpse (yeah she still looks good, you wanna fight about it?) actually was willing to spend a third year teaching my dumb ass. Her sister brought the V8's.

UJF said...

Gadfly, you are the worst. Although, one time I caught you wanking off to a pic of Mrs. Hackett.

Gadfly, on the poop: A Ghost Shit is when you take a shit and you feel like it is a huge one, but when you get up and there's nothing there. It is like you shit so good, the shit gods are like we need to take this to show our boss. So that is why when you get up it is not there anymore. And the Cherry On Top is when you go to wipe and there ain't nothing to wipe. And the Cherry On Top of that is when you blow your nose with that same piece of tissue because Why Waste a Perfectly Clean peice of tissue???

At any rate, The (Unruly Jets) Fan is with Faker, Figgy. I see no way the (Charles S)c(h)olts beat the Pats. Beledick owns Manning.

Mookie W. O' Maolchathaigh-Fly said...

The turtle shit is when you get what feels like the biggest piece of poop to poke out of your ass...but it goes no further. Push as pushers may, it will go no further. You have only one option. Clench, bite down on a towel rack and squeeze off the little turtle head sticking from your anus. For this reason, this type of shit can also be called the Frog Strangler.

Mookie W. O' Maolchathaigh-Fly said...

Charles Scholtz? Pnutz was my original blogger name...

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By the way, we call my brother Jo-Fly, the Shea Shitter because he is the only person I know who shits every time he goes to Shea. The bathrooms are the most disgusting I have ever seen...I mean toilets are overflowing before they even play the National Anthem.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You guys are totally cracking me up. Funny shit, literally.

Dude, remember the rice crispy on Mrs. Hackett's eye?

Dude, the "crazy crapper" is like the Zodiac killer, I don't think he was ever caught. Although, I thought they got the guy at Ridgedale, Dave G? No?

Anyway, I'm not angry at Peyton, I hope he gets the monkey off his back for his sake, I just don't think it's going to happen.

I read in the paper today that Giselle was waiting for Brady outside the locker room in San Diego. I believe that story like I believe George Bush sent planes into the WTC, but shit, even if it's fake, Brady has some serious juice if somebody is making up stories that one of the hottest chics on earth is waiting for you after the "big game". Supermodels don't wait outside of locker rooms, skank groupies do.

Regardless, truth be told Giselle isn't the hottest Victoria Secret girl, the other brunette is, I have no idea what her name is.

Sorry your blog turned into a shit storm Overfloat.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I love the new pic Mooks, you are a funny motherfucker.

UJF said...

Moolie, er Mookie does that book reference the Sideways Pencil Shit? You know, the shit that is totally stuck and it hurts like a side ways pencil is stuck in your rectum. Just curious. I hate those shits cause your like sweating and turning red and it feels like you are giving birth.

PS: I recently read some articles about the Crazy Crapper making appearances in deli's, pharmacy's and other local businesses in downtown Denville. I heard a few months ago he even made an appearance in that skankhouse in Dover.

At any rate, smell ya later (no pun intended!)

Me gusta las titties said...

Not for nothing, "Showplace" is NOT a "skankhouse", but a fine gentleman's club that allows the latino men of Dover to gather in a safe environment to discuss the political topics of the day.

Unjustified Jerk Fraud said...

I didn't know you and Mook were latino??? Hey, I am not knocking it. If I had my druthers I would move into that joint and change my name to Julio (Down by the Schoolyard).

The Overfloater said...

UJF, don't forget to 'split' a shit with Joe H. during sophmore year Study Hall.
Don't root for the Pats, root for the Colts

unruly said...

Yup...Miggy is right. I dont know what my problem was/is.