Let me stop crying long enough to send you Jet fans a recipe for success against the Patriots.

The Jets big-time regular season win (that set the Jets on the way to the playoffs) in Foxboro was due to a few key ingredients:

- The field was absolute soup!!! I remember watching the game and wondering how the Patriots could be the most expensive NFL ticket and have the absolute worst playing field? That was a total embarrassment, and Kraft was finally humiliated enough to lay the artificial grass. And that is saying something, his ass is so tight that Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch couldn't persuade him to pay a few peanuts more to keep him. Hell, tack on an extra dollar for parking and he would recoup his expenditure. But no.
And no such same luck with the field this time.

-The Jets defense really pounded Tom Brady. It is next to never when Mr. Clutch gets happy feet, but he had 'em that day. It is imperative that the Jets get some pressure this time round. If Brady can stand in the pocket it will be a long day.

-Chad managed the game, and that is something he can really do. Brady is a manager but is also a tough guy with some ego. He takes chances down the field. If Chad keeps them chains moving and the ball inbounds, the Patriots will have to press due to lack of opportunities to string together long drives.

-Hey, Mangini knows the Patriots inside and out! That is a tremendous advantage, I doubt Bellicheck changed the entire playbook. Mangini even used to do the copies for him preparing the players' gameplans.

Godspeed, Jets Fans! And if you can find it in your grinch-green hearts, send a well-wish to crosstown class-act Tiki Barber and hope that he plays at least a few more games.


Anonymous said...

First, I agree with Figgy. The Jets need to get to Brady. Not for nothing, I have to admit that Brady is fucking GOOD. I don't understand why he never much in college, but that is a whole 'nother topic.

Regardless, if they get to the pretty boy and Chad does what Chad does they win. The field didn't give an advantage to either offense last time, but it helped slow down the Pat's running game. We all know how great (ahem..) the Jets running D is, so the new turf isn't going to help them out at all.

I'm glad Harrison isn't playing. He is kind of a dick.

Bellicunt knows the Jets pretty well too. Although Mangini knows the Pats, the Jets still need to execute.

I really feel like the Jets are going to win this game. So, my prediction is:
Jets 20
Pats 17

I'm glad Teddy Nugent is kicking ass (and balls) this season. It's about time he got himself sorted out.

As Tiki, well, I have to admit that I like the guy. I hate when he does well because the Giants win though. I think that the Giants will win if they give the ball to Tiki 34 times on the ground. If it is anything less than that, they lose. Jeff Garcia is en feugo. For a gay guy, he sure can play football. (kidding, kidding).

Anyway, go Jets!

Ed in Westchester said...

Not sure Belichicken knows the Jets as well as he once did. Eric is not as easy to figure out as Herm was.
I agree with giffy as well on Brady, they have to get to him. And Chad need to keep moving them chains.

Hey, the Jets schedule for next year features a Home Game against the Chiefs. That should be fun.

unruly jets fan said...


Ed in Westchester said...

er "figgy" no "giffy"
damn, I guess I'm not that good a writer after all ;P

Caymus67 said...

Rushing - Advantage Patriots
Passing - Advantage Patriots
Run Defense - Advantage Patriots
Pass Defense - Advantage Patriots
Special Teams - Advantage Patriots
Coaching - Advantage Patriots
Intangibles - Advantage Patriots

And the Caymus will be there live to watch this tuneup for the Chargers.

FiggytheMick said...

Another thing, things don't seem very peachy in New England these days. I really think Brady is disgruntled. He's beyond good, he's great. He sat behind Brian Griese at Michigan.
I don't think Brady likes having a huge contract while all around him all the guys he won the Bowls with are let go to finder greener pastures with far less victories. It's kinda like the sargeant who makes it through the War but all his men are dead, so he is kinda with them.
I think Brady took it personally about Deion Branch. they were like Manning-Harrison. Caymus, please tell me exactly what the hell the Patriots are doing regarding personell? Even Pats fans have no idea. They want to trust, but still...I don't get it, with all that exposure and a rock star QB, the Pats are in top 5 teams in moneymaking. New York, Redskins, San Fran, Dallas and the Pats are the most valuable franchises in the NFL. They could afford to KEEP guys like Branch and Andruzzi and (maybe) Woody and a seyonara tour for McGinest, David Givens - the list goes on. The Pats win because of two people: Brady calling the Offense and Belicheck calling the defense.

So anyway, the Jets are a team feeling good. Hard-nosed underdogs that know their opponent, time to execute. The Chargers are banged up and the Colts are a highly schitzophrenic team. Dear God, I wouldn't want to play Baltimore however. I am predicting that the Baltimore D puts out two starters a game from the opposing offense. Ravens are lights out I'm afraid. Hoping the best offense (Saints) meets the best defense in the Bowl/ see earlier prediction/.

I'll be watching Jets fans!

Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

Kraft is a cheap SOB. They asked Brady too take less money so they could spend it on the team (unlike Peyton in Indy he did it). So then when it came time to spend the money they didn't pay Brady, Kraft just put it back in his pocket. No one likes being lied to & I think even Belli-check was probably a little disheartened by it. Why do you think Tuna left the Pats? He knew Kraft and their organization was classless and couldn't be trusted. I'll take Wood-less Johnson over him any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but Branch didn't do much in Seattle. Granted, Hasselbeck blew this year but come on! I know Branch sucked because he was on my FF and I ended up dropping him.

I also agree with Figgy, that the Ravens may be the team to beat this year. It's like going back to 2000, de vajvu except they have a real quarterback now.

As for Caymus' comments. How dare he? I can't wait until he and the rest of the Pats fans at the game leave Foxboro all dejected and asking themselves, "How did the Jets beat us?" "What happened to our genius coach?" "What are we going to do until baseball season, because the NBA blows" (Baseball is another topic, but I have two words for Red Sox fans, and they've already heard them : "Hideki Irabu"

But I digress, GO JETS!

Unruly said...

fuck fantasy this year. I lost in two leagues.

One of them, I asked this guy to join and he couldnt make it to the draft so I picked his team. And that guy won.