Bad-Ass Boys in Blue

Saturday's NFL playoff games were exciting and close, just as they should be. The Indianapolis Colts gutted out a huge victory at the very-tough Baltimore Colts. In my view, the Ravens are one of the most intimidating teams to play. If they can shut down the opposing running game and let their playmakers fly around it's usually over. Did anyone see Ed Reed on Saturday? He was playing out of his body!

I saw a side to the Colts that I had never really seen, sheer force of will. The Defense was an absolute beast.

Vinateiri did precisely what they brought him in for. It took Peyton the better part of three full quarters to just take what the Ravens D were giving him, primarily the short stuff. He kept forcing the long ball. The colts O- line played the game of their season, the type of game that they needed to play in last year's playoff loss against Pittsburgh. Joseph Addai has shown tremendous grit down the stretch and I am glad they stuck to him. The Colts coaching staff was flexible in this game and never panicked, they stopped running off-tackle and started running inside. Chipping away with three or four yards a pop, the Colts kept themselves in 3rd-and-manageable situations which in turn extended drives, wore out the Ravens D and kept the Colts D fresh on the sideline.

Despite Mr. Manning's two interceptions, the Colts D played like they were as fresh and fast and physical in the 4th quarter as they were in the 1st. Hats off and game ball goes to Colts Special Teams and Defense for carrying the day. The Colts are very lethal. If Peyton plays within himself and takes what the D gives him to chew clock and maintain rythm the Colts are two victories from it all. No one can beat them. I believe the Colts Countdown to SuperBowldom is on.

San Diego this and San Diego that, as I write this it is still pre-game on Sunday. I feel in my gut that Belicheck is going to upset all of California. Plus, did anyone hear about the Pats fans unable to acquire tickets because the Californians are buying them up to prevent Pats fans from coming. That type of stuff will make them all look even more foolish. I don't know how exactly the Patriots will do it, but I just think they will. Then they travel to the RCA Dome to face the team that they have OWNED in previous playoff meetings. Two years in a row now in the regular season the Colts have bested the Pats, so we will have to see if Peyton is over that hump. Ty Law is gone and Harrison is out so that takes away two of Peyton's most-feared nemesi.

I'm picking so many upsets this week, 3 out of 4 games. I also like Seattle in a one-game series against the struggling NFC front-runners Chicago Bears. Run game and Run Defense wins the day and I take Hasselbeck over Grossman if it comes down to an air battle. The Seattle D will play more like last year. I think Julian Peterson played his ass off this year.

Hope you guys enjoy your playoff Sunday. Sayonara suckers!


Unruly Jets Fan said...

Peyton and the Colts looked good. But their problem is consistentsy. As for the Pats, good call Fig. That game was exciting as hell. Actually the Bears game was too.

But Brady is unfreakingbeleivable. He is like the closer. When he had the ball with less than 5 minutes left and it was all tied up I knew they were going to win.

They deserved that win. There was no way Jets would have won that game. Great coaching and execution. Brady was definately getting mauled by the San Diego Defense. But their great play calling was allowing him to anticipate where his receivers would be while he was getting mauled in the pocket.

Anonymous said...

If Peyton throws 4 picks against the Pats the Colts have a chance. I'm glad to see that Peyton is folding already, but at least his team is picking him up. What a boring ass game! 7 FGs? Who cares?
As much as I hate to say it, I think the Pats are going to the Super Bowl again this year.

Speaking of the Pats, Brady is unbelievable, even after throwing a pick that somehow was fumbled (he should have thrown 4 ints but that idiot dropped it in the first Quarter) he acts like his shit don't stink and he leads the Pats down the field. Nothing bothers him, every play is a new play, and the guy has the most confidence I have seen in a QB in a long time. I have to hand it to him. He is unflappable.
As for the rest of the Pats, fuck them. Fucking iditos dancing on the field like Merriman. LT had a right to be upset and he is a classy guy who is amazing. He had every right to push some of those idiots around. Blaming their behavior on Bellicunt was interesting, but I'm all for abusing that jerkoff.

Anyway, as for the Bears, Rex made some plays when he had to but he is a loser in my book. And he's so ugly. He looks like he is just dumb.
Alexander looked pretty good, but it amazes me the short life span of these RBs. The announcers were saying that Priest Holmes was the MVP not less than 2 years ago, what the hell happened to him? The same thing that has happened to Shaun I guess. Injuries. The Jets are lucky they had Curtis for so long. RBs don't last as long as they used to.

Anyway, from what I can tell the Bears are going lose to the Saints. Rex is finally going to melt down completely. I think I am faster than him, and that is sad. The one play where he was probably screaming like a girl trying to avoid the blitz and he of course fumbled he looked like he was in slow motion. His fuckups will lose the NFC championship, trust me. I don't think anyone is going to be doing the "Super Bowl Shuffle" this year.
Although, it's gotta be tough on him, the media abuses him. If he would just shut people up with his play it would be a good story, but, alas, he isn't good. How is he a starting QB? Shows the state of the QB this year (a la Figgy's one and only blog on his own blogsite). Chad would win a Super Bowl with these Bears.

As for the Pats, as I said, they are going to win the Super Bowl, again, this year. I don't see how they lose, and that makes me sick. They are going to be the Colts, who, until they get to the Super Bowl, are the biggest bunch of chokers I have ever seen. And unfortunately I think they are better than the Saints and maybe the Bears. That being said, I hope that either the Bears or Saints win it all.

As for Marty's awful playoff record, the guy is a loser but his team seemed like it wanted to lose yesterday, or the pressure was getting to them. The dropped pick, the fumble on the punt, the failed execution. The Pats just wanted it more. I mean, Tom Brady threw 3 (basically 4) picks and they still can't beat the Pats??????? That's bullshit. LT can only do so much, and Rivers isn't that great in my eyes.

I've blabbed too much and I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. Hey Fig, thanks for the kind words on your other blog. I still remember trugding home from Ridgedale. Man I have problems.

Go Jets, F the Pats.
I'm routing for the NFC until the Pro Bowl.

FiggytheMick said...

Colts will beat the Pats this year, and then it's on to the Super Bowl in which Peyton will beat his childhood team.
Even though the Colts-Ravens was all field goals it was still a real good game. Both defenses were just playing for their lives, it was an awesome game despite no td's.
I knew LT would get a couple of scores but just somehow knew that the Pats would win. That was crazy at the end of the game when LT went over to all the celebrating Pats. He has no respect for them or Belicheck. So long Marty. What kind of challenge was that? Clearly would go against him and he cost himself a time out so they may have gotten into field position. Rivers is a competitor, I'm afraid to say that he has more guts than Eli, even though Eli played pretty well in the loss to the Eagles. I hate having to respect the shit out of Andy Reid. Great coach, best in NFC I would say.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the challenge, stupid fucking move when it was clearly a fumble. Although, I guess he could say he had to challenge because it was a game-changing play.

You love those Mannings Figgy.

Peyton and Figgy sittin' in a tree...

Oh, Unruly, my brother still gets mail for you at the house. I have a mug (it says, "Freedom isn't Free" or something on it) with your name on it (your Christian name) that he wanted me to give you. He thought it was pretty funny.

Unruly said...

Dude, I want the mug. Mail it to me, I will refund the postage.

That is funny that he still gets my mail. What is even funnier is that I haven't gotten any mail since I moved from your house. The laughs just keep on coming.

Smell ya later.