Charger mania is about to hit a brick wall. With one sound playoff victory under their well-notched belts, the Patriots are a dangerous team to play. Traveling to mild Sunny Southern Cali wouldn't seem a stretch, especially given the peculiar weather the northeast is experiencing. Consider Marty's infamous playoff track record and Belicheck's luminous one and this seems like a call from the gut - Patriots all the way. The incomparable LaDanian Tomlinson is a herculean task for a defense to nullify, but is there any better in the business in the clutch than Bruschi and Co.? Losing Rodney Harrison hurts though. But hate him if you must, Jets fans, but us Blue Bleeders remember the nasty, snarling Giant defenses of the latter-80's and 1990 that Belicheck cut his teeth on as Defensive Coordinator.

Miami and Denver are for some reason the toughest for the Pats, and against the rest of the League they are a ridiculous 30-6 in the last three years or so. The Patriots never fail to bring their best when playing a high-caliber opponent and I flat out think that they are intimidated by no one. Not even LT.

The weak link in the Chargers formidable offense is QB Phillip Rivers. Pressure, disguises and a dilligently-drilled determined defense will fell the emotional young gunner. I think Rivers is a confident, big-time player-in-the-making but this early out the gate in his starting career, Belicheck will overwhelm him. Brady and Co. will play keepaway on offense, mixing a two-back attack with the infamous dink-and-dunk passing that won them two Super Bowls without a running game. Patriots 31-24.

I realize I won't make many friends on this blog but I am also seriously rooting for that Indy defense to show up again and give the Colts a chance against the Ravens. Colts 26-21.


unruly said...

Figgy, if you are right about the Pats beating the well oiled Chargers. If it does come down to coaching, the Pats win. But LT is very tough. And the chargers have a really good D. I don;t know, a real tough game to call.

I think you are just hopeful for the Colts. Peyton just doesn't have the supporting cast. Sorry to say. I see the Ravens winning that one. Peyton looks like a stud every year but fizzles hard inthe playoffs. No difference this year for him.

Caymus67 said...

It's nice to see the Patriots receiving some good press. You can't stop LT, but if the Patriots can contain him to 100 yards and no more than 1 score, it will be Philip Rivers' game to lose and Caymus likes that scenario. The Patriots win an epic battle --- 20-17.

Peyton scores just enough points to beat the Ravens. The playoffs would not be as fun if Peyton didn't have another meltdown against the Patriots in the AFC Championship.

FiggytheMick said...

The thing that's different about the Colts this year is that everyone is so confident that they can be beaten. That run defense and poor sack production this season maybe was 'playing possum' for the playoffs. How could they have played that well against the unstoppable Larry Johnson?
My upset pick of the week: Colts over Ravens. They are all hard to call this week:

I'm taking Colts, Pats, Seahawks and Saints. I think Chicago is suffering from being that clear front-runner all year long in the NFC.

Pats will always get respect. But face it, if you didn't pilpher Giants coaches (parcells, belicheck) you'd still be wearing red and that faggotity guy on the helmet and in playoff limbo. Sorry, sour grapes there...

Fakehead, where are you? How did you take the jets game last week? See anything you like and dislike, prescriptions for next year?

Unruly said...

Fakehead has a trial this week. As we speak he is probably hollering at the witness saying, "Did your did you not build your property within the 15 variance!"

Witness, "You are damn right I did!"

Fakehead, "Your honor, I rest my case. Now I have to get back to my blog."

Anonymous said...
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Unruly said...

Good to hear you Govenor! Glad to see you back in form. Fuck next week, you are in form today from what I see.

I wrote a poem for you down below. Looking forward to your comments on it.

FiggytheMick said...

Hey Fakehead! Like the Boss said in his incredible album The Rising "...hard times come to us all, sure as the clock tickin' on the wall".

You are and were good at basketball, you're Irish and Italian, how tall could you have gotten? You had talent, smarts and athleticism - just got too mad. I will never forget when you walked home from basketball practice in that blizzard, neither will my Dad, in fact I think you were mad at him specifically.

You'll emerge from these doldrums buddy. Your team lost in the playoffs so now everything has that tint of helpless rage and green sadness. And, ahem, Eli played respectably. Plax stepped it up, and that struggle after the catch by Shockey without his helmet was awesome. Where the hell was THAT all year? They were even being positive after a Eli mistake on the sideline. Nice timing. And here's hoping for Cowher in '08.