Alan Branch, Defensive Tackle, Michigan Wolverines

Dust off that playoff loss to the Patriots, Jets fans, and come back next year with some guys to hit Brady in the mouth. As I'm sure you all are feeling, the year was a success. Definitely an overachieving effort. Now its time to think about next year. Look at the bright side, at least one of your starters wasn't senselessly murdered while seemingly safe inside a limosuine after the loss.

I would like to hear where the Jets need to go in the draft and free agency. Mangini is back to basics football. That means building up front first. He did a masterful job with the draft last year, acquiring cornerstones Center Nick Mangold and Left Tackle D'Brickshaw Fergusen. Those are the two most important positions on the O line. Running the ball and stopping the run is a proven recipe for success in the NFL, despite all the innovative offenses and flashy packages and schemes. Mangini is a disciple of this. I am thinking that the Jets will anchor the D line this year.

The Jets have 3 picks inside the top 60 of the 2007 NFL Draft, that is a lot of top talent with which to stock the defense and running game.

There is plenty of DT's and DE's projected for the first two rounds as well as a decent crop of RB's. I would guess the Jets will pick in the 25th slot this year. DT's Frank Okam (Texas), Alan Branch (Mich) and Quinn Pitcock (Ohio State) could be available. I wouldn't blink if Mangini went with a 'run-the-ball, stop-the-run' mentality or vice versa. DE's Gaines Adams (Clemson) and Quentin Moses (Georgia) could be available. As for RB's, Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma), Marshawn Lynch (Cal) and Kenny Irons (Auburn) could still be on the board too. The 2007 draft has a lot of receivers so I think it will be an under-the-radar year for RB's. Couple one of them with Leon and you have a decent two-back tandem there.

As for QB, I heard a rumor there's a chance Mike Vick could be shipped from Atlanta. Anyone want to touch that one? How about a run for Randy Moss?

As for my beloved G-Men, I want one person:


Padraig O' Maolchathaigh said...

The Giants have already stated that Tuna will not be considered for the GM job or the head coaching job. Me feeling is that Tisch/Mara Jr.'s want to go the young unamed route that had worked for so many other teams. Tuna will be back with Dallas for one more run.

NO-RULES said...

Yeah, and get over the whole murdered thing. That was so last week.

Bill is staying in Dallas. Or he may even retire. It would be cool to see him the Meadowlands. The G-Men have their work cut out for them. The Mara's are good peeps so they may keep Caughlin. That would be a joke. But I think a real possibility.

As for all those people you named. How the hell do you know all those guys. Your like Mel Kiper Jr. I like it. Your input will be highly valuable come draft time. The only guy I know is Adriene Peterson. And I dont think he will be available at 25.

The other thing is, Michael Vick is a great athelete but he is a desaster for a football team. Coaches do not know how to use him. He is too outside the block. I wouldnt want him on my team. If I were the new Falcons coach I would trade him for a 1st and 2nd round pick to someone like Minnesota or Oakland.

At any rate...good blog.

FiggytheMick said...

For some reason I have a photographic memory when it comes to NFL. If I could only apply that to the rest of my life I'd be a millionaire....or maybe I should've listened to everyone all along and been a journalist. Or I could've been a cartoonist, had I applied my talent. I seem to recall a cartoon series in high school, 'Air' something or other. Or I could've applied them all and been a real biting political cartoonist. Or an NFL head coach who can draw the X's and O's real well.

ain't no rules here momma said...

Well, I am glad you didn't make it into any of those things bc you can use your talents on this blog. And when we go public you will have some significant stock options.

Westchester Ed calls us a "cast of characters" on his blog. In a good sense though. We just need more traffic on our blog and we all will be famous. If the Jets made it to the Superbowl we could have capitolized big time.

We all would have written a blog a day for the two weeks before. And the advertising money we would have been able to get would have been unbeleivable.

unruly said...

I called it, Caughlin is back. Sit back for another stellar season from Eli and the Caughinator.

Donkeyhue said...

Parcells? Yeah Ive got one thing to say about that....FUCK HIM. Thats what.

Coughlin's back, I like it for one reason and one reason only...Cowher in '08.