Mini Post - FUCK REGGIE BUSH (and Bellijerk)

What a fucking jerkoff.

Yes, the guy is talented and I'm sure he is going to be a great NFL player, but his little theatrics and dance number made him look like a classless cockknocker yesterday.

Top Three Reasons Not to Celebrate:

1. Your team is STILL FUCKING LOSING, despite your Touchdown.

2. It's the fucking NFL Playoffs, not some fucking highschool football game.

3. You're not at home, you're in a city where NOBODY wants to see you dance around like a fucking clown at the circus.

4. Pointing at the arguably the best LB in the league who has been playing for over 5 years doesn't do anyone on your team's offense any favors, i.e., it makes people on defense angry.

Sure, that was 4 reasons, but how fucking lame was that move???? I couldn't believe my own eyes. The pointing, flip and dancing, when he is away and losing a playoff game???? Unreal. His only saving grace is that he apologized after the game, but what's done is done. He needs to learn. Hopefully, he will.

I don't have time to write more, but I owe Miggy 10 bucks, I'm sure he blew his load when pretty boy threw that pick. I have to admit I was thrilled to see the Pats lose and Bellicunt's grimace at the end of the game. For the record, without Brady, Bellijerk is NOTHING. See Cleveland's record when he was there, it was awful. Bellicock is something like 85-40 or something with Brady as his QB. Well, Brady threw the pick, and Belly lost. ha ha ha.

Not for nothing, #29 on the Colts is blessed, thanks to my main man Eric Dickerson, who used to grace that number.

F Reggie Bush

F the Pats and Bellicunty

Let's hope the Jets pick up Samuel in the off-season, the guy can play when it matters most.


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Anonymous said...

Fuck you numbers, I refuse to click to your alleged "blog".

Anonymous said...

You know it's fake when it says this blog has good "art." Hey numbers-computer-fake-person, go fuck yourself.

Unruly said...

Hey cut the guy a break. He's just a guy who took time to read our blog and look at our pictures. Plus, he is nice enough to want to show us how to earn 1 Million dollars in 30 days. I just wrote him a check for $5,000 and in 30 days when I am rich, me and 6411333 will be chillin with a couple of topless spanish fly chicks sipping non-alcohic Pina Colata's.

unruly said...

As for Bush. He is young and stupid. He has got some mad skillz though. He'll chill out with his antics. When it is ten years down the road and he has not been in the playoffs.

He'll be handing the ball to the official just like Barry Sanders (another guy who got to the playoffs once).

Mookie W. O' Maolchathaigh-Fly said...

It was great seeing Bellicock tugging on his shirt and looking on hopelessly as his team went down...However, just a word for the Colts. Chill. I remember the Mets celebrating their Division Crown similarly and how it all ended up in the end. ESPN radio's Max Kellerman was playing this funny clip. It was a Tom & Peyton as kids. Tom tells Peyton that he shouldn't celebrate just yet because he is pretty convinced that Peyton is a loser and will lose in the next round.

I don't know why it matters but it does. And I know that Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl so it shouldn't but it just does...if he doesn't win one in his career, Peyton will always look like a should/coulda guy. At least he doesn't have to worry about his brother winning one before he gets a chance.

Anonymous said...

The Saints will get the playoffs again. And let's not compare Reggie to Barry yet. All Reggie does is catch passes from what I've seen.

Any comments on the games Unruly? Exciting one between the Colts/Pats.

I'm rooting for Da' Bears though, even though I used to like the Colts (sort of) when ED was on the squad. I'll explain more later.

unruly said...

Both teams I picked lost. I think the Bears will win. Perfect example is the last time the bears were there. They played a Miami team with a stud qb. But defense previaled. Defense always prevails in the SB.

Peyton will be a loser as Max Kellerman stated.

The Overfloater said...

Thank you 6413334 or whatever your name is, I appreciate you taking the time to look at our blog. Your comments are welcome and appreciated, pardon our friend Fakehead he suffers from a rare disorder of crossed brain paths resulting in what is called carpaltunneltourettes.

I didn't see it as that big a deal with the Bush celebration. They were still in it at that point. I don't think the Bears cared either. The Bears were nasty yesterday.

The one reason the Saints lost: They did not run the ball and control the game. They were dictated to. Bit really it came down to the decision to abandon the run. They were plenty in it at halftime, then when Reggie pulled off that AMAZING play they should've put their faith in Deuce to wear out that Bears D line. They didn't and poor Drew Brees was put in the worst of positions, Sean Payton overcoached and overthought it.

I will be writing a blog on the Pats-Colts game, which, if you like the game of football-was a game for the ages. It looked like the Colts were gonna collapse after that interception by Assante Samuel for the TD. Marvin, Clark, Wayne and Addai all dropped catchable balls in the first half. I was fearing the worst, I will admit. But they fought through it.

6413346, tell all your blogger friends about the site.

unruly said...

I agree with B.A. (Baby Arm - A little inside joke between Miggy, me and a little Chocita that will remain nameless). That was an awesome game. Although I feel asleep with 5 minutes left. Dont ask me how I fell asleep duing all the excitement. I woke up and it was midnight and I saw a smiling Peyton Manning so I assumed he won.

Anonymous said...

Unruly, how could you fall asleep during that game? Weirdo.

What stud QB played the Bears? The Bears played the Pats in 1986 and I don't even know who the QB was then, Grogan maybe?

As for the celebration, Figgy, how could say it's okay???? And listen, I am one for celebrations, I loved "Neon Deion, 2 Legit to Quit" and all that shit. But when a team is LOSING in the playoffs then you don't celebrate. If that were the touchdown that put them up 21-14 then maybe I wouldn't be as pissed, but come on!
Talk about dropped balls, McCarddell should be on suicide watch, dropping 2 TDs in one game. The Pats only got one of them back.
Yeah, that's some great D that leaves a fucking WR wide open in the fourth quarter!!!!!!

unruly said...

Oh sorry, I am really busy this week and got a little confused. For some reason I was thinking that the 85 Bears played Miami but I think Miami was there in 84 or maybe 83. Who did they play by the way? SF?

Anyhow, it wasnt McCartel it was Caldwell no?

I dont know, we have all screwed up facts. After I read my blogs I think I have ADHD again. When I am busy I dont re-read them. Sorry fig. At any rate, I think the Bears are going to win.

I really dont care who wins, but Good Defenses win SB;s.

Ed in Westchester said...

Reggie made a rookie mistake. Let's not condemn the kid just yet, shall we?

As for Belichicken and Brady, fuck them more. Brady doesn't even shake hands with Peyton. Fuck him. I hope Giselle passes along whatever mites she picked up from Leo Dicaprio. He's a douche. Of course, he learned from the master douche, Belichicken.

Love the drawing of you guys. Which one of you is bald?

And the pics of the model. Yeah, she's pretty hot. Me likey.

The Overfloater said...

The blogger formerly known as Figgythemick is the bald one, ed. Nice hairdo, huh?

Faker, who cares? They lost the game and he got what was coming to him. Just like the Pats got what they had coming to them for celebrating all over San Diego. I bet you LT was rooting for the Colts big-time.

I think he reminded you of you in Turkey Bowls. How about we have some Spring mini-camp after or before the golf?

Anonymous said...

I'll play football any day of the week, rain or shine, hot or cold. Just tell me where to go (as long as it is in FP - ha ha).